Goodbye Summer Garden

(Written in August)

It’s  Sunday morning and we are beginning to sleep in a few minutes more each day. Why? I think because we are on the downhill side of summer and daylight is coming later and going away sooner. It’s the sad side of summer. The realization is setting in that the mornings will be dark as well as the evenings.   People will be getting off work at 5:00 in the evening and walking in the dark to their cars. Oh how I wish summer would last all year long.

I felt strangely contented this early morning as stepped onto the deck out our back door. The air was cooler than it has been, another sign of the changing seasons. It felt refreshing and as I looked at the progress I made in my garden this summer I felt happy. It’s far from being done but when I think back at the brown dry pallet I started with this summer and now look at all the bright yellows, reds, purples white and the variety of flowers, some in full bloom, others like my zinnias that are beginning to die away and my vegetable garden which is still eking out zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes I feel a mix of emotions. I don’t want it to end but I know for now it has too.

So, I shift gears and I think of what I can do to nurture this yard through the winter. Maybe keep the vegetables going with a winter garden. I’ve never tried this so maybe this is the year to attempt some brussel sprouts for my husband, some potatoes maybe and pumpkins…is it to late? I better hurry and get started so I don’t miss this season.

Farewell for now summer garden. I will enjoy the last of you while I can and look forward to expanding on your color and richness next spring.

See you then.

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