I am a farmers daughter, the third daughter of a second generation seed crop farmer and the thirteenth of thirteen grandchildren I am the tail end of the bunch. (or the “tale  end”, lol)    I have many memories of growing up in a small farming community in the Sacramento Valley.  I didn’t realize at the time I was growing up how so very fortunate I was.  My sisters and I had a life that not many people experience in this fast paced crazy world we live in.

I have decided to create this blog not so much for the world to read but (selfishly) as an outlet for myself.  To log my memories of not only the life I lived and the community I grew up in but what I have experienced since those years and how my life seemingly has come full circle in a variety of ways.  Maybe this is my legacy to my children and my grandchildren.

This is my “story” venue.  This is where I will be sharing baskets and bushels of words, thoughts and stories that may pertain to nothing or everything.  It will be a journey and hopefully an adventure. You will get to know my community, my family, my struggles, my accomplishments and my failures.

In addition to my own immediate family I think of my mother-in-law who was an accomplished poet and writer who expressed life and thoughts with a British flair and elegance.  And, my father-in-law who could snap out a quip, or quote at a moments notice.  With love and tears I remember the two of them today along with my dad and my mom who is still vibrant at 92 years young.

My dad…on the cover of Rancher Magazine.