Maine Day One

My sweet husband and I arrived in Maine this evening!  It was a long day of travel but we made it!    Our flight was scheduled to leave around 7:45 a.m.  so we decided to get up and at it early.

As it usually happens whenever I know I’m going to be waking up to an alarm I wake up almost every hour and look at the clock to see how much, or rather, how little time I have left to sleep.  Needless to say not much sleep happens. So when the alarm went off I decided to get up, hop in the shower and get moving.

After my shower I went to the kitchen to start the coffee brewing.  I looked at the clock on the coffee maker and it said 3:20.  I thought how can that be if that sweet husband of mine set the alarm for 3:30?  Yep, you guessed it, he set it for 3:00 instead.  I felt so duped… I got over it.

We got all our last minute packing adjustments done.  It’s not easy packing just the right things.  We caught ourselves packing with the mindset that we were going to a tropical climate.  That’s our norm.  The east coast is all new and different for us.  We figured it out.

Finally we were off and running! Or at least out the door and driving down the freeway.  On schedule mind you!  I thought something was bugging my husband and then I thought, no, he just didn’t get enough sleep, he doesn’t function well when he doesn’t get enough sleep, when he said,  “I think I didn’t put the bag with the computer and the go pro in the car.”  Uh oh,  we pulled off on the next off ramp and he checked the back of the car.  Phew!  We had it!  So, we’re off again!

We get to the airport and I’ll be darned we can’t find the “overnight” parking lot.  Well, there’s a reason for that!  They don’t call it “overnight” parking.  They call it “daily” parking.  Who knew?   We’re still doing good on our time!  I’m thinking that early alarm clock episode really worked out to our benefit.

We just take things in stride and move past each hiccup the best we can.  Life is to short to stress over things.  We are just happy to be able to do the things we enjoy.

Everything went pretty smoothly the rest of the day.  We sat next to a lovely young 20 year old named Krissy.  She is a young free spirit, she’s a jewelry artist and is learning about blown glass.  I believe she will be quite successful in life.  She lives near us and we exchanged contact info.  I love meeting people this way, you learn so much.

Well, it’s late and time to call it a day.  We’re going to head to Bar Harbor tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what the day brings us!  Some lobster I hope!






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