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How About Some Structure in your Day?

What do you think about doing housework? Do you do it? It’s not my favorite thing to do. I’ve done it for far to long.   The really difficult thing about not liking to do housework is the fact that I really do enjoy have a home that sparkles and has order. While I like a home that sparkles and has order I have reached the point where it is not my top priority. You see, I am retired now and if you are like me you could make a career out of doing housework. There is always something that needs doing.

So here is my dilemma.   I really would prefer not to be doing housework but when I try to take time to do hobbies like writing, or gardening, I am constantly distracted by things that need doing around the house.   Like that pile of laundry that will only take a minute to toss in the washer, or those couple of dishes left over from my morning snack. (no left over breakfast dishes because my sweet husband takes care of those…love that man)

My husband calls it the “shinny object” syndrome. My neighbor calls it the “SQUIRREL!!” syndrome.   Whatever you call it, it’s enough ongoing persistent distractions that I don’t get a darn thing done. Not any good quality housework, no writing, no hobbies, and well, you should see my garden! It’s sad.

Believe it or not I found some help for my dilemma on a fly fishing website! (There’s another story here for another day) The short version is fly fishing is one of my newest hobbies and   I am in the “research” stage so I don’t come across like a total idiot when I sign up for a beginning fly fishing class. I found an article on this fly fishing website written by Dave Stewart titled “8 Fly Tying Tips to Start Tying Today.” Theflyfishingbasics.com/8-fly-tying-tips/   This article even had a “Ted Talk” video in it. I would recommend watching it as well. So much good stuff I could hardly take it all in!

From here I was directed to a website that had a list of 20 ways to find more free time. The article was written by Leo Babauta called, “ Reclaim Your Time: 20 Ways to Find More Free Time.” Pretty clever huh?


Not everything in this article applied to my situation however, nor will it to yours, but it was really a great article that made me think about how my days are structured.   Or rather, how they are not structured.   Every since I retired (5 years ago) I have struggled with the lack of structure in my days. I worked in an office environment, ok, I worked in a cubicle crunching numbers, putting numbers in little boxes for 20 some odd years.   I loved it, so when I hear my son or my husband say something like “I would have to kill myself if I worked in a cubicle” all I can think is… “I loved working in my cubicle!!” Oh well, to each his or her own I say.   (excuse me for a moment, my dryer just turned off, I need to rotate my laundry.   I’m still working on that “shinny object” thing)… Ok, I’m back.

 One of the things I took away from this article was to “Find your essentials. What do you love to do?   Make a short list of 4-5 things.   These are the things you want to make room for.” One of the things for me was writing. And look! Here I am!   Writing! Yay me!

Another thing I took away from this article was “Find your time-wasters. What do you spend a lot of your time on that isn’t on your essential list? Take a close look at these things and really think about whether they’re necessary, or if there are ways to reduce, minimize or eliminate these things.”

Another was “Schedule the time”…and on and on the article went. I started to get excited because, well, I work well with structure.   Otherwise I would not have functioned so well in my “cubicle life.” This article got me thinking, it got me motivated and it got me to do these lists and think about how I wanted my days to go.

I know what your thinking…right? Look at her go. She’s doing one of the things she loves to do and even though she got up and rotated her laundry, (and changed the sheets on the bed) she got some writing done today. And you know what else? When I’m done here, I’m going for a short bicycle ride. That has been on my “essential” list forever! When you retire you become more inactive so you have to make yourself do things to keep active and healthy!

I’m glad you stopped by to read my blog. I hope you will visit the two website links I’ve noted. You might find a new hobby in fly-fishing (I can’t wait!) and you might find a new way to think about and organize your days. Both are good things…win/win.

Always have something to look forward to, always have something to get up in the morning for, to be excited about, and to accomplish.

And smile while you do it.   Pass it on with a smile.